Working Stiffs

A zombie novel so funny you’ll die laughing… make sure you have a friend ready to put a bullet in your head.

About Working Stiffs

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When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will go to work.

Something has gone wrong in the Pro-Well Pharmaceuticals factory, and ex-meth cook Marshall Owens, the company’s owner and drug genius, must keep the surrounding Pittsburgh area from finding out. Unfortunately for the white-collar employees in the corporate headquarters, the dead assembly line workers have just formed a flesh-hungry labor union…

Will paper cutter blades, staplers, and corporate teambuilding be enough to fend off flesh-hungry co-workers who no longer honor the management structure?


Hank: Copywriter

Every day in the corporate headquarters is an existential crisis. Is today the day that he finally develops those elusive leadership skills and answers the question “Why am I here?”?

The General: Unwilling Laborer

The injection didn’t take. Sure, he looks the part with the yellowed skin, but that’s from decades of street living. Marshall didn’t anticipate immunity, or this unlikely labor leader, marching his dead troops to form a savage picket horde at the corporate headquarters.

Marshall: CEO

Abduct the homeless, inject them with a proprietary serum that turns them into the walking dead and you’ve got free labor. It was a brilliant plan to maximize profit margins. Until it wasn’t. Will this local media darling be able to keep the secrets to his success in the midst of the zombie apocalypse?

Rick: Visiting Buyer

He came to check out Pro-Well Pharmaceuticals for distribution and the ladies of Pittsburgh. He saw some shit. Will he and his trusty paper cutter blade conquer the office zombies?

Harold: Bodyguard to CEO

Prison taught him how to manage a violent horde and how to make friends in high places. His loyalty has been tested before. Will today be the day it finally passes the test? Or will be put his self-preservation skills to work against the dead?

Lillian: HR Director

What to do when the resources are something other than human? The tables have turned, and now she’s the centerpiece in a buffet for the hungry dead.

A Tale of Prescription Drugs & Zombies

See the latest innovation from Pro-Well Pharmaceuticals, the company at the disembodied heart of Working Stiffs. Determined to cure all that ails mankind from lupus to left-handedness, the company's CEO will go to any means necessary to do so cost-effectively.

Read the First Chapter

Get a taste for Working Stiffs. Download the first chapter of this top zombie book here.

Working Stiffs: Chapter 1 (pdf)


About the Author

Lucy Leitner

Debut author Lucy Leitner spent years as a fly on the wall in various corporate offices from engineering companies to weekly magazines, observing how the office environment is ill-prepared for an outbreak of workforce violence of the flesh-eating kind. 

An award-winning journalist, Lucy is the content director at a Pittsburgh-based digital advertising agency.

She is currently finishing a new novel; a loose interpretation of the PI genre. 

See What Critics Have to Say

“densely observed, wickedly funny social satire” - Pittsburgh City Paper

“If I could attend one Halloween party thrown by an author, I think the one I would go to would be at Lucy Leitner's place.” - Pittsburgh Magazine

"allegorical bon mot confection dipped in a thick splatterpunk sensibility and covered in a thin wrapper of Christopher Moore-like absurdity" - Igor's Lab  

"a humorous but above all engaging allegory of working life" - Hell Notes

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